Our dedicated team consists of eight portfolios with a total of twenty diverse students. We constantly strives to provide engaging opportunities for undergraduate students to connect with other students, faculty, alumni, and the local community.



Meet Alissa, a third year majoring in Management and International Business. Overseeing each portfolio as well as promoting the BSA’s societal strategy are just a few aspects of the presidential role. Other responsibilities include maintaining relationships with community partners, faculty, and alumni.

Executive Vice President

Meet Emily, a third year majoring in Human Resources Management. Supporting the President and six Vice Presidents in all aspects is the major focus of the Executive Vice President role. Other responsibilities include human resources related projects to ensure consistency year after year within the Executive Council and Membership.


Meet Trevor, a fourth year majoring in Accounting and Finance as well as President of the Accounting Students’ Association. The Finance portfolio controls all finances within the accounts delegated by the Students’ Union. He is responsible for assisting in the coordination and delegation of funds for events to best utilize available capital.


Meet Amy, a third year majoring in Accounting. Her role includes administrative controls for the BSA and does the behind the scenes work to keep the association functioning. Organizing the Innovation Council she will aim to reach more students and provide the necessary information on how to get involved.


Meet Dane, a third year majoring in Marketing. He is responsible for overseeing the Marketing team and the overall portrayal of our corporate image. Promotion of events via social media, managing our website content,  and designing posters are just a few of their responsibilities.


Meet Amanda, a fourth year majoring in International Business. She coordinates academic activities presented by the BSA and advocates for further experiential learning within the Faculty of Management. Academic events are to be targeted towards furthering undergraduate business student’s education while integrating the classroom and extracurricular experiences into their learning through workshops and competitions.


Meet Sarah, a third year majoring in Marketing with an Event Management Certificate. In addition to being on the BSA, she is also the Chair of Mark It Up, a student run marketing week filled with keynotes, workshops, and pitch competitions. She oversees the Events team and coordinates all events presented by the BSA from the Halloween Social to the Year End Gala, as well as provides opportunities for you to become involved within the local community. The Events portfolios main focus is providing places for students to connect with other students.


This position is currently vacant. For more information on how to apply, email internal.viubsa@gmail.com.  The External team communicates with external organizations in the local community in order to connect students with professionals. In addition, the team will be launching the TASTE Program, Take a Student To Eat, as developed by the University of Alberta’s BSA.